Am I Growing Up or Losing My Fire?

What would their story be?

When I was younger, I used to get mad about everything, always. All someone had to do was look at me in the wrong way, and I’d be heated up like a match. It was wildly annoying to my parents, friends, teachers, and basically anyone I was even remotely close to. As I got older, I started to realise that getting mad isn’t a quality people appreciate, so I started learning to let everything go without starting a fight. To be honest, I only mastered that at the start of this schoolyear, and I still lose control sometimes.

But recently, it has become impossible for me to hate someone. I’ve become so mellow about so many things, I always put things into perspective before I form an opinion, which is good; but I feel like I’ve become scared of having an opinion that could hurt anyone in any way. I tend to avoid fights nowadays, which I never used to do.

I guess I just noticed the change in my personality, and wanted to write it down somewhere. The direct cause, however, for me to write this, is because I feel like I was being treated badly by a teacher of mine, who, no matter what I say, will literally NEVER understand what he’s done wrong. But I can’t be angry with him. Because I feel sorry for him. I can’t truly hate anyone anymore, and that includes him. I just feel like no human was born a bad person; I think they all went through something that made them into the people they are today. And that makes me sad.

Life is easier when you don’t have an opinion and never get into an argument with anyone. It’s less stressful, and no one has any reason to hate you. But is it – remaining quiet about everything, and always pitying everyone – what’s best for you?



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