A Hangover and Chapped Lips

As people who are close to me may know, I enjoy the occasional party. I'm saying "occasional", but I mean every other weekend at LEAST. Usually, the part of the week I enjoy the most is when I'm drunk and chilling, and the part of the week I enjoy the absolute least is the hangover … Continue reading A Hangover and Chapped Lips


Tea Wisdom

I got a new kind of tea recently, which is a sentence you'll hear me say at least once a week if you're friends with me. It's a rose-flavoured tea from the brand Yogi, it tastes incredible, but my favourite part about it might be the quotes it has on its labels. "The purpose of … Continue reading Tea Wisdom

Thank You

We looked at art and tried ice cream and you listened to me and it was enough   We spent five hours walking and talking and we sat down by the lake and it was more than enough   You shared chocolate with me and we went into a dozen shops and bought absolutely nothing and … Continue reading Thank You


I Felt So Unsafe

I kept looking away and taking your hands off my body   and I wonder to this day why that wasn't enough for you to stop


Guess What? Different Body Types Exist

I need to get something off my chest about a topic I've been thinking about for months. Now, before I do that, I need you all to know that I am not fat. I'm not fat, I'm not skinny, I've got a pretty "normal" body type and I'm about 170 cm tall, which is the … Continue reading Guess What? Different Body Types Exist