A Hangover and Chapped Lips

As people who are close to me may know, I enjoy the occasional party. I’m saying “occasional”, but I mean every other weekend at LEAST. Usually, the part of the week I enjoy the most is when I’m drunk and chilling, and the part of the week I enjoy the absolute least is the hangover the day after. Or, in this case, the hangover the day after the day after. I went out on Friday night, and after five hours of sleep, I woke up at 10 AM on Saturday still drunk. I canceled my driving lesson, because obviously I can’t be driving a car when there’s still alcohol in my system.

Now, the reason why I’m writing up this post is because I’ve noticed that, more often than not, my hangovers come with a pair of extremely chapped lips. I’m a person who owns at least ten lip balms and always carries at least three of them with me, everywhere I go. I pretty much always have lip balm on my lips and my lips are usually never chapped, ever, so I didn’t understand why they always are after a night of heavy drinking.

And then my boyfriend’s brother (not that one, the other one) said that it was dehydration. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of that, because it’s so damn logical! Obviously when you drink alcohol, it makes you pee a lot, so you get dehydrated and that’s why hangovers often come with a headache. However, hangovers and headaches due to drinking usually fade after a day, maybe two, but my lips – and I’m writing this on a wednesday night (the party was on a friday night) – are STILL CHAPPED!

Does anyone experience this also/have an explanation for this?? I’d love to know. Also, any embarrassing/funny drunk story is welcome, I kind of need some embarrassing drunk stories to feel less bad about mine…



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