Same Old, Same Old

  Do you remember? I do. I arrived at around 22:30. There weren't many people yet, and until like 00:00, I had a good time just sitting around talking to my girlfriends. After that, however, everything started going south. As it always does. I fall back into the same pattern, because I want attention. I'd … Continue reading Same Old, Same Old


Don’t Do Drugs, Kids

!!! WARNING! this is CRAZY long. It's mostly here for me, for future reference. If you want to look inside my mind, though, go ahead. !!!     In order for me to understand why I feel the way I do, I need to write something down about an event that has made a major … Continue reading Don’t Do Drugs, Kids

The Hardest Part

First of all, I'm sorry. I know that there are children dying and that there are millions of people who have it so much worse than me, I know that my silly little problems really aren't relevant if you'd compare them to the wars and famine in the world, and I know that my unhappiness … Continue reading The Hardest Part


Falling Out of Love

There are some things that I got used to, and then became very afraid to lose. A text goodmorning, a text goodnight; someone to tell about an exciting or exhausting thing that has happened to me; cuddles at night, or hugs when I'm feeling sad; something to look forward to at the end of a long week. In short, someone … Continue reading Falling Out of Love