The Hardest Part

First of all, I'm sorry. I know that there are children dying and that there are millions of people who have it so much worse than me, I know that my silly little problems really aren't relevant if you'd compare them to the wars and famine in the world, and I know that my unhappiness … Continue reading The Hardest Part


Black and White

  I took these pictures this morning - well, technically it was about 2 PM in the afternoon, but I had just woken up. I hadn't washed my hair since sunday morning (it is now friday), I smelled bad, I had no bra on, my brows are a mess, I've got pimples and other blemishes … Continue reading Black and White

Tea Wisdom

I got a new kind of tea recently, which is a sentence you'll hear me say at least once a week if you're friends with me. It's a rose-flavoured tea from the brand Yogi, it tastes incredible, but my favourite part about it might be the quotes it has on its labels. "The purpose of … Continue reading Tea Wisdom