The first thing I notice when I get off the the train, is the chilly fall air hitting my exposed ankles. I shiver slightly as I walk down the platform with my hands in my coat pockets, and I bite my lip. Being here, back in my hometown, forces me to remember what I've been … Continue reading Unbearable


Life Without A Foundation

  Love, attention, a feeling of safety, stability. A relationship is built on these four things. I NEED all four of these things.     However, a little over three weeks ago now, my relationship ended. The comfortable house I was living in, burned to the ground. The love I knew was over, within a … Continue reading Life Without A Foundation

The Alarm Bells are Always Ringing

I'm okay. I think. I'm feeling... okay. A little thing happens. Just tiny. A message from someone, passing a stranger on the street, looking into other people's lives through their living room window, walking into a crowded supermarket. Sometimes it's losing control for a moment. Sometimes nothing at all even happens, sometimes the feeling just … Continue reading The Alarm Bells are Always Ringing

Black and White

  I took these pictures this morning - well, technically it was about 2 PM in the afternoon, but I had just woken up. I hadn't washed my hair since sunday morning (it is now friday), I smelled bad, I had no bra on, my brows are a mess, I've got pimples and other blemishes … Continue reading Black and White