A Diary of Lonely Days

***22 december, 4:54 PM*** The sky turns an odd shade of purple and it makes me wonder what the sunset could’ve looked like if it hadn’t been so misty today. I don’t mind it, though. The mist. I walk around town by myself. I’m not listening to any music, I don’t have a plan and … Continue reading A Diary of Lonely Days


I’m Not Ready

I'm supposed to go to university next year. I know what I want to study, it's the only subject I've ever really been interested in, it's the only thing I really want. I've known about this for months, if not years, but I've been too afraid to admit that to myself. I need to apply, … Continue reading I’m Not Ready

The Alarm Bells are Always Ringing

I'm okay. I think. I'm feeling... okay. A little thing happens. Just tiny. A message from someone, passing a stranger on the street, looking into other people's lives through their living room window, walking into a crowded supermarket. Sometimes it's losing control for a moment. Sometimes nothing at all even happens, sometimes the feeling just … Continue reading The Alarm Bells are Always Ringing